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Fandom: True Blood
Rating: G
Spoilers: Season 4
written for prompt #87 at [community profile] 15_minute_ficlets 
Prompt: grace

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caraway: Sam and Dean are threatening you. (SPN - Sam n Dean)
Lets start this journal off with something fun and fannish.

I had a lovely Supernatural themed dream tonight that went something like this:

There's a birthday party for a small old lady who's wearing dark furs and feathers. Sam and Dean are there on a mission and making a mess of the dining hall when the butler confronts them.

"We're hunting a Yeti."

The butler seemingly ignores them and proceeds to reprimand them of their behaviour: "Valentina Victorievna has been having a hard time of it lately. Especially since the death of her husband."

They ignore him too. "It's been seen in these trees."

Butler nods sagely. "She climbs trees now."

And I woke up laughing.


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